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We field many questions about fishing, and one we hear a lot is: Which fishing rods are American-made? We decided to compile a list to answer this, so we did a deep dive into home-grown fishing rod brands to find information about rods made right in the USA.

Why buy American-made fishing rods? American-made rods come with the guarantee that the manufacturer meets American standards. From employing American workers to make the products, to following health and safety standards, buying a fishing rod made right here in the USA helps keep our economy healthy. 

Let’s jump right in and look at the deets about fishing rods made right here in the USA. This list is by no means exhaustive; we plan on revisiting this subject as we compile more information about American-made fishing rods. 

Fishing Rods Manufactured in America 

Cajun Rods: Made in Ohio

Located in Bedford, Ohio, Cajun Rods has manufactured carbon fiber fishing rods since 2007. Cajun Rods engineers, designs, and manufactures in small batches a variety of freshwater, inshore, and offshore rods, which is what makes them stand apart from their competitors. They source high-quality components and assemble the fishing rods in their Ohio factory. When you order a Cajun rod, they are custom-made to your exact specifications. 

American-made Cajun Rods have a 30-day money-back guarantee if, for any reason, you are not initially satisfied with their product. This offer is only available for rods purchased on their website. And they have an open-end warranty for their products from defects in material, craftsmanship, and manufacturing. Cajun rods are moderate to high priced. 

Falcon Rods: Made in Oklahoma

In 1990, Falcon founders tested their prototype rods on Falcon Lake in Choke Canyon, Texas. The rods performed exceedingly well, and on the ride back to their home state of Oklahoma, they decided that Falcon was a fitting name for their brand of freshwater and saltwater rods. 

Our favorite rod for surf fishing by Falcon is the Cara Casting Rod in 7′ and medium action. It has impeccable corrosion resistance and has lasted us a long time. To find out what reels would work best for it, read our article on the Best Reels for Surf Fishing.

Falcon rods started out plain and simple for die-hard fishing enthusiasts looking for a sturdy and reliable set-up. 

Falcon manufactures carbon fiber rods in Broken Arrow, OK. Their high-end Cara and Expert rods carry a lifetime warranty; all other models have a 5-year warranty for defects in workmanship and materials. These rods have a low to medium price point. 

G Loomis: Made in Washington

Since 1982, G Loomis has made conventional (fiber blend) and fly-fishing rods (multi-taper design) in Woodland, Washington. In 1997 the company became a subsidiary of Shimano American Corporation, and there was concern that production would be moved overseas. This hasn’t been the case, and G Loomis continues their tradition of making fishing rods in the USA. 

G Loomis rods offer high-quality, professional features that have a more affordable price. 

If you're flats fishing for redfish in Florida, the G Loomis NRX-842S spinning rod, paired with the Penn Slammer IV spinning reel, is exactly what you need.

All G Loomis rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against non-conformities in workmanship and materials. You can add the Xpeditor service, which will give you a “no questions asked” replacement policy. G Loomis rods have medium to high-end pricing. 

Edge Rods by G Loomis 

Edge Rods is a factory-direct business model with connections to G Loomis that sells directly to the consumer to eliminate the middleman mark-up. Edge performance rods are available for all types of fishing- from pelagic to fly-fishing. 

This rod is designed for those wanting to step up their angling game with a high-end premium rod without going excessively overboard on price.  

Edge rods have a limited lifetime warranty for defects in workmanship or materials; they also offer a repair service for a fee. There is a no-fault (one-time) replacement extended warranty at the time of purchase for $125. The specialty graphite blanks have a high-end price point. 

Grandt Rods: Made in Illinois

In Arlington Heights, Illinois, Grandt Rods has manufactured freshwater and saltwater fishing rods for over 38 years. Grandt Rods offer an amazing array of fishing rods that carry a lifetime warranty, and their rods generally have a high price point, with the exception of a special they feature on their landing page. If you can’t find their products at trade shows, you can purchase them online. 

Hammer Rods: Made in Arkansas

Established in 1996, Hammer Rods handcrafts fishing rods, one at a time in Harrison, Arkansas. These 100% hand-rolled graphite blanks are available in a variety of styles, the rod design is simple, and the rod features an American-made grip from Winn

Hammer rods quickly become a favorite rod for those looking for a more responsive, lightweight, and well-made fishing rod. 

Hammer rods have a limited lifetime warranty, and after the first year of ownership, a $25 service fee applies; these custom-made rods have a medium price point. Hammer also offers a one-time per rod, no questions asked, replacement policy for under $100 depending on which rod you purchased. 

Kistler Rods: Made in Texas

Kistler started out in a Texas garage as a father-son affair, and when the elder retired, the younger decided to blaze his own trail, and Kistler Rods was born. The handcrafted graphite rods are built, wrapped, and finished in Magnolia, Texas, and the rods cover a wide range of fishing styles. The appeal of a Kistler rod is that it is a highly detailed hand-made fishing rod at a very reasonable price. 

Kistler rods carry either a 5-year or 1-year warranty depending on the product and have a prorated replacement cost for products that fall outside the warranty period. The rods are moderately or high priced. However, a visit to the website reveals many specials and discounts. I met the owner and founder of Kistler Rods at the iCAST show in 2022. Really nice guy!

Lamiglas Rods: Made in Washington

Lamiglas is another company located in Woodland, Washington, manufacturing fishing rod blanks since 1949. Known for producing graphite blanks for top rod builders all over the world, they are now manufacturing completed rods for all anglers, species, and conditions. 

Lamiglas rods are made from fiberglass, graphite, and composite materials. The first blank was an 11-foot surf blank, and surf blanks (1 piece) continue to be their specialty. 

The price point on their products ranges from low to high, and Lamiglas offers a 1-year, 5-year, or a  lifetime warranty depending on which rod you purchase. 

Orvis: Made in Vermont

Orvis has a “no questions asked’ 25-year guarantee for many of their fly-fishing rods and a warranty for defects in workmanship for rods not included in this category. Orvis rods are available at various prices, ranging from reasonable to high-end. 

Founded by Charles F. Orvis in 1856, the Orvis company manufactures fly-fishing equipment in their Manchester, Vermont location. Orvis is the oldest mail-order company and the longest-running fly-fishing business globally. Not only are they known for high-quality fly-fishing rods, but they also pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and care about customer satisfaction. You can tour the Rod Shop and Factory and see how they make their fly-fishing rods. 

Also, take a look at the impressive Orvis Helios 3F Fly Fishing Rod. This is an extremely high quality fishing rod any fly fisherman would love to have.

Razr Rodz: Made in Illinois

Located in Wood River, Illinois, Razr Rodz has manufactured fishing rods since 2010. Their rods are designed to have a greater sensitivity due to patented materials that increase the vibration. More significant vibration helps you understand what is happening under the water’s surface and improves your fishing techniques. 

Radz Rodz makes spinning rods, casting rods, and trolling rods that are moderate to high priced. Depending on the rod you purchase, there is either a lifetime or a 5-year warranty for a small replacement fee. 

R.L. Winston Rod Co: Made in Montana

Since 1929, the R.L. Winston Rod Co. has been a leader in making fly fishing rods. Starting with bamboo and introducing a fiberglass rod in the 1950s, Winston rods continued to break distance casting records. Today, in Twin Bridges, Montana, the Winston company continues to propel the fly-fishing industry with high-performing rods made of a boron/graphite composite. The latest model, the Winston Air 2, is one of the lightest, durable, and high-performance fly rods in the world. 

Since 1996 Winston rods have carried an unconditional lifetime warranty for breakage and manufacturers defects. Winston rods aren’t cheap; these rods have a high price point. 

Sage: Made in Washington

Sage started in 1980 on Bainbridge Island, Washington, as Winslow Rod Company, they make specialty fly-fishing rods for fresh and salt water use. 

Early on, Sage rods were designed from graphite and were called RP rods (reserve power) for their capacity to hold power in reserve always to be ready and able to cast long distances, especially in windy conditions. Sage has continued to innovate, and its rods continue to be cutting edge and highly popular. 

Most Sage rods carry a lifetime warranty; some have an unconditional, original owner lifetime warranty. Their price point is in the high-end range. 

Scott: Made in Colorado

Scott Fly Rods started in a basement in San Fransisco in 1973, specializing in hand-made fly-fishing rods. In 1993 Scott was bought out, and the company was moved to Telluride, Colorado; they outgrew the space there and now have their headquarters in nearby Montrose.  

Like many high-end fly-fishing rods, Scott rods have an excellent reputation and are sought after because of their stellar performance. 

The Scott rods have a lifetime warranty for their fiberglass and graphite rods purchased from an authorized dealer. Prices for Scott rods are on the high end. 

St. Croix: Made in Wisconsin

St. Croix started in 1945 in Park Falls, Wisconsin, and its claim to fame was the first multi-section bamboo fishing pole. Today St. Croix makes casting, spinning, saltwater, ice fishing, and fly-fishing rods and is considered one of the best and foremost leaders in the industry. 

Their rods are moderately priced, and St. Croix offers a warranty dependent on the model of rod you purchase. Here's the Mojo inshore spinning rod, sold at an affordable $159. Check this out for warranty details. 

Thomas and Thomas: Made in Massachusetts

Thomas and Thomas make specialty fly-fishing rods that have been manufactured in Greenfield, Massachusetts, since 1969. They specialize in fresh and salt water fly rods hand-crafted from bamboo and a wide of graphites with different strain rates and recovery speeds.

A Thomas and Thomas fishing rod is just a gorgeous fly-fishing rod that is a joy to fish with, a top-of-the-line rod that will improve how you fish. 

Thomas and Thomas rods carry a lifetime warranty for the original owner of the rod purchased from an authorized dealer. The highly-detailed rods are some of the priciest that we’ve included in this line-up. 

Final Thoughts

As stated earlier, this is by no means all the rods that are manufactured right in the US. This is just a taste of the biggest and most prominent companies with information on the internet. In the future, we’ll most certainly have more American-made fishing rod companies to add to this list. 

Speaking of fishing rods, click here for a related article on choosing the best surf fishing rods, and here for a detailed explanation of the different types of fishing rods.

We’ll be back at you soon with additions to our list and other exciting fishing articles. 

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